Ashley Julson

Officer of Operations and Client Services

Born and raised in Seattle Washington. The Pacific Northwest will always be my home. I started my career as a sales associate at the local office supply store and then moved on to be a receptionist for Microsoft. I got to work all over the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington. After that I moved on to be an administrator/office manager for a small consulting firm, until I found this position at Clarity Capital.

I had a passion for softball growing up and played all through high school. I love the outdoors but I also love going to all kinds of different concerts. I have one cat named Lola and she is my life.

My career goal as of right now is to learn as much as possible and get experience anywhere I can. I feel like that is the best way to find out what you really love to do. I am very excited to be here at Clarity Capital and looking forward to all the new opportunities here for me.

Ashley is an associated person of LPL Financial.