Nikki Johnson

Office Assistant

Raised in Enumclaw, Washington on a local dairy farm. I have worked in customer service for almost 20 years. My career objective has always been bringing people, communities, and companies together. I have always held high customer service standards. Since day 1 of joining Clarity Capital Management it has felt more like a home and family, than just working for a company.

I have 2 children age 14 and 12. We are very busy year-round with sports especially with my daughter and her basketball teams. I have often said, I drive a portable locker room, not a vehicle.

I have a passion for the outdoors and have spent time working with the Outdoor Adventure Foundation taking terminally kids and disabled combat vets on guided hunting and fishing trips. While I’m not working or chauffeuring kids from 1 sport to the next, I also love hiking, camping, hunting, rock hunting, boating, fishing; or any outdoor activities which brings our family together.